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  • Vision

    It’s all about making the world more fragrant and appreciating the worth of pure coconut shell.

    To be the region’s Charcoal Briquettes manufacturer of choice for preferred premium products and services

      To deliver excellent products and hookah experience
      To plan, develop and continuously improve our product
      To be customer driven in everything we do
      To provide an ideal working environment that boosts cooperation and teamwork


      To be the benchmark hookah charcoal producer by providing:
      Outstanding coconut shell charcoal briquette
      Customer Oriented manufacture
      Making hookah safe, durable and enjoyable

    Value added goals

      Customer Service and Support
      Continued Quality Improvements
      Leadership and Professional Growth
      Customization Services
      Easy ordering for standard inventory products
      Competitive pricing, quality products and services
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    Few Words From The "IDEAL"

    Our goal is to ensure best quality product and exceed consumer expectations.

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    Our Determination

    To be the region’s Charcoal Briquettes manufacturer of choice who provide the quality products and services preferred by our customers.