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    Cocoal charcoal briquettes are manufactured using the main raw material as coconut shell powder.

    Coconut shell powder is produced from the coconut shell after taking out the coconut juices and coconut flesh.

    These left-over coconut shells are collected by small farmers and sold to charcoal powder / briquette manufacturers.

    After converting into powder it is used in manufacturing of the charcoal briquettes. Cocoal consumes at Idealism Industries FZE more than 1000 tons a month. This has given a livelihood opportunity to more than 60 employees and their families.

    Due to favorable climate conditions for farming of coconut trees, Indonesia is the major country in coconut farming, consumption of coconut shell powder as well as supply to overseas. The approximate 1 million tons of coconut shell powder is produced and converted into charcoal briquette each day.

    More than a 1.2 million work force is employed in Indonesia in this process, while supporting their families. The human chain involved is humane and all encompassing, from farmers and people who collect left-over coconut shells to people who transport these materials to the factories where thousands of laborers process these coconut shells into final powder.

    As a whole Cocoal is contributing to the well-being of thousands families involved in this business.

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    Few Words From The "IDEAL"

    Our goal is to ensure best quality product and exceed consumer expectations.

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    Our Determination

    To be the region’s Charcoal Briquettes manufacturer of choice who provide the quality products and services preferred by our customers.