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    Idealism manufactures high quality charcoal briquettes for hookah smoking from additive free, coconut shell charcoal powder.

    Coupling the region s finest raw materials from sustainable forests and woodland with our advanced infrastructure, we focus on prime Hookah experiences. You can also add our charcoal to your barbecue during cooking for added enjoyment.

    Whether hookah or barbecue, Idealism charcoal provides premium qualities:


    100% natural coconut shell charcoal


    Environmentally friendly


    Burns better, lasts longer


    Fast and easy lighting


    High-grade, smoke free charcoal

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    Few Words From The "IDEAL"

    Our goal is to ensure best quality product and exceed consumer expectations.

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    Our Determination

    To be the region’s Charcoal Briquettes manufacturer of choice who provide the quality products and services preferred by our customers.